Race Relations Day is celebrated around March 21 each year – it is the day the United Nations mark as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The New Zealand Human Rights Commission also recognise Race Relations Day. The Whangarei Migrant Centre is committed to continuing to raise the profile of the day in Whangarei, which aligns with our values in that it celebrates and acknowledges racial harmony.

Race Relations Day 2015 Report

On March 22 we joined forces with WINGS, Citizens Advice Bureau and English Language Partners for Whangarei’s eighth Race Relations Day Celebration.

This year’s theme was “From Nationhood to Neighbourhood” and we were pleased to host local MP, Shane Reti, Whangarei Mayor, Sheryl Mai, and iwi representatives during a lunchtime celebration which included stories, plays and potluck cultural dishes.

The presence of these important people really shows the migrant community that we are welcome and encouraged to start our lives here in Whangarei.

Thanks to all those who shared their stories with the group, and all those who contributed to the delicious food. Also a big thanks to the other agencies involved.