Our previous Annual Reports will soon be available to download.

Please find the nomination_form_for WMC Committee. If you are or you know someone is interested to give back to the community, please feel free to fill in the form and return to me by 20th September. I also attached the WMC Rule in SocietiesGOVT. Bear in mind that the committee position is volunteering opportunity only. Both nominator and the nominee should be the current member of WMC. Some people’s nominator will be me, so you can leave the nominator part blank on the top. WMC Membership form 2014.

So far we have America African, Korean, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, New Zealander, Filipino like to be nominated. While there is Indian, Ethiopian, German, New Zealander, and Russian currently in the board. Some of the current committee members are due to be re-elected in this Annual General Meeting, which will be on Tuesday 27th September 2016 at 5:30pm in WMC’s meeting room.

Please encourage your community to have some voice in our board. If you have endorsement from your own community, please bring a note from your group too.