A society that values and celebrates the diversity of all.



Helping Migrant settle into the Whangarei & New Zealand without losing their own cultural heritage.



To promote and protect the interests of the many different ethnic groups in the Whangarei District.
To raise the consciousness among ethnic groups of the status of the Maori people as Tangata Whenua and their rights under the Treaty of Waitangi.
To assist Government and Local Government agencies consult with the ethnic groups of our area.
To provide a forum for the ethnic groups to share experiences and friendships.
To enable ethnic groups to give each other mutual support and strength to deal with issues which affect them all and to speak with one voice on those issues.
To protect the democratic rights of the ethnic groups to participate in decisions which affect them.
To enable the ethnic groups to openly express their commitment to New Zealand while at the same time, protecting their ethnic heritage and identity.
To promote the Whangarei District as a multi-ethnic society.
To create opportunities for the general public to gain greater understanding and respect for people of other ethnic origins and vice-versa.
To encourage organizations that provide services to the public to acknowledge, reflect and respond to the cultural diversity of the Whangarei District.
To encourage cultural inclusiveness and enrichment.
To facilitate pathways towards cultural integration.
To offer support, guidance and information to migrant community.

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